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KCVL League Handbook (Current)

Posted by Roger Shaddock on 19/04/2016 15:35

The Handbook is issued in April each year.

2018 version now available, as at 19th April.

Version 2 superseded that, issued 24th April, with amended KCVL changes to Law 41.7 The High Full Toss.

Version 3 has now been issued, 30th April, with Bidborough's 4th XI skipper included in the Club section. Sorry, Owen!

Also included: Plaxtol Sec/FixSec/Chair: new email -

Version 4 (Crikey!) issued on 3rd April with new Mob for Southborough's League Rep, Geoff Brown.

Incredibly, we now have Version 5 (7th May), but this is because Betsham now have a skipper! Welcome, Tom!

The Law changes summary paper issued by the MCC is also attached, which explains the changes in detail. Some of these have been amended by the KCVL, as covered in the Handbook, but most of them are to be used as they are.

New Voluntary Code of Conduct on page 21.

Important tweaks to the new laws on 28-30.

The definitions of ECB Code of Conduct Levels 1-4 on 31-32.